The Light Within (Poem)

The glorious orb of the night

Can still be seen on my left

While vibrant hues paint the sky

As the Sun rises on my right

A majestic moment where they coexist

Reflecting each other’s light

Igniting everything in sight

Does anyone else see what I see

Or Is this magic just for me

It feels like they came together

To shine all their light at me

I’m renewed and invigorated

Ready to fulfill my destiny

Reminded that the Universe is within me

The Sun and The Moon (Poem)

She always thought he was the Sun,

When his rays beamed down at her,

Her heart filled with joy,

Even if she couldn’t see him,

She could always feel his warmth,

The world went black with his departure,

She was cold and alone in the shadows,

Until she overcame her fear of the void.

She never knew she was the Moon

Radiating in the Darkness,

Illuminating the entire Sky,

Shining brighter than all the Stars,

Aglow with Power and Magnetism,

Moving more than mere Ocean Tides.

Blank Pages (Poem)

I am in love with blank pages

The clean slate

A new day

The anticipation of not knowing what I’m going to say,

Opening my mind

Letting it flow

Sometimes I’m unsure if these words are my own,

I lose track of time

I’m out in space

The connection I feel is beyond this place.

I’ve found magic

It lives between my words

I yearn for these moments

The calm in my soul,

Chaos around me

Stillness within

No wonder I’ll never fit in

I Need your Real, your Raw, your Broken. (A Poem)

I’m sick of the fake

I’m done with the phony

This world is too small

I can no longer dwell in the shallow,

I’m done watering myself down

Done trying to be less

Or pretending to be more

Being a reflection of others

Instead of being me,

That shell has cracked open

My mask is off

The veil has been lifted

My eyes are all the way open,

Show me your broken

your real, your raw

Reveal your excitement,

your exhilaration,

Your bursting at the seems,

Bare your soul to me

and I’ll slowly show you mine

Let me see your darkness

I’ll fill it with my light,

Do not cage me

Roam with me instead

Meet me in the wild

Together we’ll soar into the heavens

And light fire to sky,

My heart is all yours

If You Just be you

And let me be me

This Love will set us both free