You pulled me into your web

Masquerading as the twin to my flame

Capturing me by singing my praises

Your words touched my soul

And made me feel whole

Like a puppet master you twisted my heart strings

Pushing me to do things I’d never do

You lit me on fire with desire

Igniting reactions to watch me burn

Built me up just to watch me fall

Knowing it was never real is the hardest thing of all


You crept into my darkness
Shining your light
Sparking something deep inside

Words making me smile
Like a flower, I begin to bloom

Thoughts of you consume my mind
Breathing life into me
A little at a time

You fill up my empty spaces
With your kind affirmations

Crazy Love

I crave your touch
tremble with desire and
yearn for the fire of your kiss

I’m addicted and I can’t get enough
Desperate for the way you watch me say your name

You’ve invaded every part of me
Consumed my thoughts
Conquered me, and made me yours