Sunlight reflects off the water like glittering magical portals beckoning me towards their unknown depths. They glimmer back and forth calling to me, mesmerizing me with their subtle ebb and flow. Always moving back and forth but still calm and peaceful at the same time. The water soothes my soul, reminding me that we are one.

I am a tiny ripple of the lake, sparkling for a moment in time, feeling separate and alone — but I never really am. The sun shines down on me wrapping me in the warmth of her eternal love as the trees sway in the breeze. And I realize that I’m the sun, beaming with joy and all the love I have to give the world. I am the trees and the bluffs standing tall and strong in the distance. I am the fish jumping out of the water and the birds flying through the air. Everything is everything.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our personal problems that we lose sight of this. This moment in time where we need to just be. Be silent. Be still. Embrace being alive and find the simple joys in life. Remember that the universe is inside you and all around you. That you are the Universe. You aren’t just a drop in the Ocean, you are the whole Ocean. You’re never alone or lost in the dark, because the Sun is a part of you. You just need to look within and listen to the voice that doesn’t use words. The answers are always there if you pause and wait for them.

In that stillness I asked for direction, guidance, a sign. I placed my hand over my heart and breathed in slowly, and as I exhaled I heard something deep inside me say, “yes.”

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