Their eyes were mirrors
reflecting recognition
two flames, one soul
an unbreakable bond
a magnetic connection
attracting and repelling
eternal love given but denied
one runs, the other chases
a dance they know by heart
until the music stops
and the tie must be severed


You haunt my dreams, my waking hours, and my moments of peace
Finding your way into my words
My heart, my soul
I have no control
Your memory has a hold on me
Always there in spirit
But never reality
The ghost that lingers
Whispering in the wind
All that might have been

Final Goodbye


I crashed back into your life

Broken and vulnerable

Expecting you to pick up my pieces

Knowing you never could


You held me together

Until it was too much for you

I felt you start to back away

But we both knew you couldn’t stay


I am the fuel for your fire

Luring you in with temptation and desire

But filling you with guilt


I hear the words you don’t say

And fall apart

Your silence echos inside my mind


My anger couldn’t be contained

I blew the bridge up in a fit of rage

Destroying everything completely

Because coming back never ends well for me

False Fantasy

Captured by your masquerade
My heart went willingly into your cave
Beautiful lies setting my soul ablaze

Dreams turned to nightmares
As the mask fell away
Losing control
You knew you couldn’t stay

Left alone in the wreckage
I finally see the reality

Crazy Love

I crave your touch
tremble with desire and
yearn for the fire of your kiss

I’m addicted and I can’t get enough
Desperate for the way you watch me say your name

You’ve invaded every part of me
Consumed my thoughts
Conquered me, and made me yours