It started off sweet, just a simple message on the screen – followed by bit of banter back and forth, which quickly turned into more. They reached out and touched each other’s souls through their words, and just like that the entire universe flipped upside down and they knew they would do whatever they had to, to be together.

Suddenly, there was no such thing as impossible. He was willing to cross the ocean for her, and she would move mountains for him. The connection was intense and magical, like lightning in a bottle. It made them believe in things like fate and destiny again. Looking into each other’s eyes was like watching a meteor shower light up the sky, knowing that they their glow would always keep the darkness at bay.

They stole every moment they possibly could just to talk for a few minutes more. The rest of the world could wait or fall apart – none of it mattered. They would burn it all down just for a chance to see the possibilities. It felt like they were jumping out of a helicopter together and building a parachute on the way down. They knew they might crash but they also knew they had no choice.

If they didn’t give it a shot it would be the biggest regret of their entire lives. They had to see, they had to know, they could never let each other go. Deep down in their hearts they knew it would all be worth it. They brought each other back to life, and they knew that this love was an unstoppable force of nature.