Crazy Love

I crave your touch
tremble with desire and
yearn for the fire of your kiss

I’m addicted and I can’t get enough
Desperate for the way you watch me say your name

You’ve invaded every part of me
Consumed my thoughts
Conquered me, and made me yours


It started off sweet, just a simple message on the screen – followed by bit of banter back and forth, which quickly turned into more. They reached out and touched each other’s souls through their words, and just like that the entire universe flipped upside down and they knew they would do whatever they had to, to be together.

Suddenly, there was no such thing as impossible. He was willing to cross the ocean for her, and she would move mountains for him. The connection was intense and magical, like lightning in a bottle. It made them believe in things like fate and destiny again. Looking into each other’s eyes was like watching a meteor shower light up the sky, knowing that they their glow would always keep the darkness at bay.

They stole every moment they possibly could just to talk for a few minutes more. The rest of the world could wait or fall apart – none of it mattered. They would burn it all down just for a chance to see the possibilities. It felt like they were jumping out of a helicopter together and building a parachute on the way down. They knew they might crash but they also knew they had no choice.

If they didn’t give it a shot it would be the biggest regret of their entire lives. They had to see, they had to know, they could never let each other go. Deep down in their hearts they knew it would all be worth it. They brought each other back to life, and they knew that this love was an unstoppable force of nature.


She connected with this beautiful soul on the other side of the world and needed to learn every detail of his life, his mind, and his heart. They got to know every piece of each other quickly, setting their barriers to the side and being fearless in the pursuit of knowledge for each other. She showed him the darkest parts of her soul and he bared his. She tried to show him the worst first, to see if he would stick around. But they both knew he wasn’t going anywhere. He was hers from day 1, and she was his. She questioned his motives and tested him to the point where a lesser man would have walked away, but not the one meant for her. He stayed and put up with her bullshit, calming her chaos at every turn.

He could see and feel her emotions more than anyone ever could before. He noticed the slight changes in her eyes or her tone of voice. Neither of them holds anything back, because they cannot. She answers his questions before he asks them. She can feel it when he gets quiet or distant, and doesn’t let him stay that way. Are they both a little broken? Yes, but that’s beautiful too. They don’t need to fix each other, they just need to love each other’s fragments while they put themselves back together in the safe place provided by that love.

They both want the same things out of life — to live it fully, and experience all that they can. To push our boundaries and find their limits. To go on adventures and see as much of the world as possible. To face their fears and go after their dreams. They are so alike it scary. He terrifies her in a lot of ways. She’s afraid of the intensity of her feelings. She’s afraid of losing him and afraid of the unknown. She’s afraid that if she doesn’t give it a chance, she’ll regret it for the rest of her life and think about him every day until she dies. Everyone has moments in life where they have choices to make — to stay on the path they are on or forge a new one. She’s always been the type to blaze her own trail, so I guess it’s time to take another leap of faith and hope the Universe catches her.