Fallen Star 💫

She was lost inside the prison on her own making — trying to find a way out. She had been lying to herself for years, hiding her sadness behind a beaming smile. She attempted to place the blame on anything besides the one thing she had failed at. She couldn’t bring herself to admit the massive mistake she had made. Deep down inside she knew, and it leaked out in her writing. She tried to convince herself that she was happy despite her tears – assuming everyone felt lonely, even when they weren’t alone.

She was given a false sense of freedom, like an inmate that’s allowed to roam in the yard. She used that as an escape from reality and it dulled the harshness of the cell she occupied. However, those moments were never enough to stave off the emptiness inside her heart. The nights continued to grow colder and darker with each passing sunset.

Until one random night, she happened upon a fallen star. A star that lit a fire deep within her. This star reflected the same embers that she recognized in herself. It reminded her of who she really was and who she wanted to be. She knew she needed to find a way to put that star back in the sky so that they could both shine together.

As she set about filling the star with light something strange and wonderful happened — it filled her in return. They mended each other with the power of love. The same intense magic that would give her the courage to break free and find her way back to herself. She set about digging a hole, knowing that whatever was on the other side would be better than the cage she found herself in. She was ready to shake off all the rules of society and live the life she yearned for – fully.

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